Have you ever felt your work environment has become intolerable between the long hours and the increasing lack of autonomy in your practice?


Have you felt your own physical and emotional well-being were slipping because you were constantly torn between work and home demands?


Have you ever wondered… if I’m so smart, why can't I figure out how to keep my life in balance and stay out of career burn out?




Tinsley Coble, MD FACP
Certified Life Coach
Coble Coaching and Consulting, LLC

Balancing the practice of medicine with your personal life.

I know how hard it is to keep your home and work life balanced. I have practiced medicine as both a clinic-based internist and hospitalist for 24 years, 10 of which I was a single parent to three boisterous kids.

Keeping everything balanced felt impossible at times, so much so that chaos had become the expected norm. It was easy to blame the hours at work and the increasing lack of autonomy in the work place for the distress. It was easy to blame the house full of growing children for why I couldn’t be more fully present at work. It was easy to blame the demand of work and home life on why I couldn’t consistently stick with the habits necessary for my own physical and emotional wellbeing. It became a repetitive cycle of looking for excuses, rather than building for sustainable solutions.

Then, I discovered the power of coaching. My circumstances were not going to change, but my thinking about them could. Being coached taught me how to manage my mind. It put all the control in my hands. I quickly figured out why I was stuck, how to manage my time, how to practice self-care, set goals with clarity, and create a life more balanced and less chaotic.

The timing was perfect because… Then, I remarried and became a mom to three more children. Let me tell you… knowing how to manage my thoughts made this life change far smoother and joyful.

Managing Transitions

Life throws up curves, both unexpected and expected - new job, a promotion, retirement, new baby, marriage, divorce, money and health issues. Changes challenge our prior way of engaging with the world.  These are ideal times to invest in coaching so that you are prepared to move into the next phase of your professional and personal life with confidence and calm.

My Mission

My mission is to make coaching for physicians the new normal and the standard approach for physician wellness.  Individual physicians will choose coaching and physician-leaders will promote physician coaching as an essential part of practicing medicine.   When a physician feels empowered and is functioning at her best, everyone benefits –patients, family, employers, our communities. 

Balancing Home and Work Life

Here’s the piece that almost always gets overlooked - YOU!  Somehow, you always show up for your children, your family, and you’re patients. However, showing up for yourself and your self-care remains at the bottom of your priority list.  When you are burned out, you have nothing left to give. 

Putting your own well-being first means becoming the best version of yourself.  You are smart, hard working and a high achiever.  Investing in your self-care puts you back into the driver seat of your life.