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Tinsley Coble, MD FACP
Certified Life Coach
Coble Coaching and Consulting, LLC

Carmen Berger, MD

I am a mom, a physician and a new business owner one year into opening my own clinic. Coaching with Tinsley helped to reframe and manage business tasks that were challenging and motivated me to set a plan and move forward. Tinsley is smart and thoughtful and her coaching is effective. I would highly recommend her!

Sonia Wright, MD

I love coaching with Tinsley! She has an ability to see through my excuses and get to the truth. I make so many discoveries during my coaching sessions with her. I love the fact that she is a doctor too. I don’t have to explain to her my responsibilities and the time commitment associated with being a doctor. She understands the impact my job has on every facet of my life! Coaching with Tinsley is one of the best things I can do for myself!

Bridgett Asbury, MD

Tinsley is a wonderful life coach. Being a physician , she can relate to the many struggles we doctors face with work/ life balance. She has coached me through relationship issues, self-care issues and other issues that I have struggled with. I love my physician job and want to be the very best version of myself in this one life I have. In summary, Tinsley’s life coaching helps facilitate that. I highly recommend her.

Ann-Bridget Bird, MD

Tinsley has been coaching me for the last 6 months.  I am a physician and have been working on major career transitions.  Learning how to manage my thoughts and feelings to address a specific issue has been incredibly productive!  As a divorced parent, I have also worked with Tinsley to delve into challenges with money management and self-care.  Have only just scratched the surface of talking about relationships!  So glad to have Tinsley as my coach!

Jiho Huang, MD

Tinsley’s skills as a life coach are amazing!  She is kind, patient, and wise - and her thoughtful and insightful comments have helped put my professional medical life in order while I simultaneously pursue a new career path.  Thank you, Tinsley!






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